If you’re like us and work on a computer all day, you’re already familiar with the following scenario: You’re desperately trying to get through your work before the end of the day but by 2pm the mid-afternoon slump starts to set in.Here are 7 tips to reboot your mental engines to re-motivate yourself to end the rest of the day on a high note from

1. Make a specific and exciting project or plan after your work hour that you can look forward to. Make it as specific as possible so you know you will do it for sure. (“I am going to go shopping for recipes and try cooking a new vegetarian meal after work around seven o’clock” as opposed to “I am going to cook after work.”)

2. Take a scheduled mental break to slack off and be lazy. If you are feeling your mind wandering, use a kitchen timer or a cell phone alarm to schedule a 10-minute do-whatever-you-want min-break where you can organize your desk, e-mail a friend, stalk someone on Facebook or look at your favorite shameless celebrity gossip blogs.

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3. Make yourself a nice cup of hot green tea. Drinking coffee or black tea might be too much caffeine for the second half of the day, which will disrupt your sleep schedule. Green tea has just a little bit caffeine, and also contains antioxidants that are good for you.

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