Most of us know that sex isn’t always sexy — we’ve all had those laughable, uncomfortable, awkward or even painful moments. Here’s some advice from, about what can take you out of the moment, and how you can get right back into being intimate with ease.

Whether in a long-term relationship or enjoying the novelty of a spring fling, we count down how to recover from the five worse bedroom blunders possible. Remember how you react will weigh greater than what actually happened, so be cool, be comical, and learn how to be smooth.

5. Situation: Technical Difficulties with the Music

Nothing like a CD skipping while your getting your grove on. Teddy P singing, “Turn off the lights, and light a can- can- can- can- can- can,” is everything but sexy. Or if you graduated from CD’s, can’t stop your IPOD from mistakenly going to ‘Sunday Gospel Mix,’ instead of your “Get Em Girl Mix.’ Great, now you’re wondering what Jesus would do as your legs are up in the air.

Damage: Someone has to get up and be DJ Fix-It.

Recover: Don’t let it ruin the moment–instead introduce a challenge. “First person to the stereo, gets (insert kinky favor here).” Works like a charm!

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4. Situation: Noise

To quiet, to loud? This usually happens when you don’t let your love making happen organically. Maybe you or your partner are hesitant about having sex, or how they are performing during sex, or what is bound to happen after the act is committed. Acting like a porn star using sexual sounds to overcompensate uncertainty, is just as bad as the two of you acting like mutes in the bed.

Damage: More time is spent focusing on lack of noise or the abundance of it, versus enjoying the act.

Recover: Be quiet, or speak up.


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