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In “Just Wright,” in theaters MAY 14, Queen Latifah plays Leslie, a straight-shooting physical therapist, and Paula Patton plays her scene-stealing childhood friend Morgan. Both women are looking for love. So, when Leslie gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight (played by Common), the ladies find themselves falling for the same man.

You can bet that with a situation like this, first impressions are made and date nights are had, so looks & style tend to play a role.

Here, Leslie and Morgan teach us the do’s and don’ts of date night attire.


Even though Morgan slammed Leslie for wearing this tomboyish jersey…she was going to a basketball game, so how much more appropriate could her attire have been?

Plus, we see no problem in repping your favorite team (it shows you’ve got spirit!) or your mans favorite team, if you’re not into sports (but pretend you are for the night). A T-shirt and jeans look shows that you’re up for anything. No man wants to 1) wait as you slowly tip-toe down shaky bleachers in your towering heels, or 2) hoist you over his shoulder because your 6-inches are sinking into the playing field.

But if this look is still too “one-of-the-boys” for you, pair it with a fitted blazer.

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Both Leslie and Paula stayed true to themselves when it came to dressing for this event (you’ll see what we mean when you see the film!), but for now, we think these outfits would be perfect when meeting your man’s parents. Even if you’re not a girly girl, for goodness sakes, toss the trousers out for one night and put on a frock.

A denim or khaki dress like Leslie’s proves that you’re the lovable girl-next-door. And cinching it with a belt is a perfect idea, just so it doesn’t look too “maternity.” You’re not ready for that discussion yet!

But for the ladies that aren’t afraid of frills and florals and flow, Morgan’s dress is equally ladylike. Rock something like this and it’ll show that you cared enough to make (and leave) an impression.

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Sure, dinner and movie at a restaurant and theater is great – pricey, but great. Move the date inside and you can save money, save those awkward moments in front of folks when you’d like to engage in some PDA, but can’t, and save a fancy outfit (this is not to say that you should be donning sweats and a headscarf to his place!)

Both the ladies got this right. A T-shirt is fine in this instance, but think more: sexed-up with a deeper neckline, slender fit, and complimentary color to skin tone, and less: grungy, misshapen, college sleepwear. Plus, they made sure not to go with an overly-ornate tee. No rhinestones, studs, and beading, please! Ouch, no man can cuddle up next to that!

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When a man asks you to be his one-and-only date to a party, whether it be company, birthday, or wedding, it’s because he’s proud to have you on his arm. He’s ready to introduce you to the friends and family he knows and loves (and is willing to undergo the scrutiny, because some of them will most certainly judge).

So, if you’re going to be on display anyway, why not take the opportunity to make it good?

Turn heads in a dress you feel most confident in. But remember the cardinal rule: if you’re going to show your legs, pick a more modest neckline. And if you’re going to show some cleavage, lower that skirt’s hemline. Accessories are sexual in the sense that they draw attention to that part of your body, so while a bracelet and watch reminds him to hold your hand, earrings and necklaces will remind him to kiss your neck – after the party and in private, of course!


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