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LisaRaye recently sat down with amidst her divorce dealings to give an update on Da Brat, and why she didn’t quite understand why she’s a MILF:

Bossip: Most men have put you into that sexy iconic space a la Pam Grier. Do you subscribe to it?

LisaRaye: At the beginning it was like sex symbol? What is it about me that’s sexy? I used to think that sexy was more for older women. Like, you would find the ladies on Dynasty, sexy. I would try to figure that out. I would ask, ‘what do find that’s sexy about me?’ They would say it’s the way that you eat. The way that you walk. So, I would try to watch myself walk in the mirror. But, I think that we don’t want to know what sexy is because if it’s what you’re doing, then just continue to do what you’re doing. I think Angelina Jolie has put it into perspective for me because she’s a younger woman she has a sex appeal about her. I think it’s just you being. So if being a sex symbol is what they tag me to be, I don’t see it as a bad thing. I grasp that, even in my first lady role.

Bossip: Alright, let’s switch gears. How is the Da Brat doing?

LisaRaye: She’s doing wonderful and she actually has a very high spirit. Which surprising to me because sometimes I call her and I try to kick it up a few notches. She’s found some hidden talents that she didn’t know she had. She’s getting her mind and body and spirit in sync.

Bossip: When is she getting out?

LisaRaye: She was given three years and it hasn’t even been six months yet. We may be able to get some time off for good behavior, I don’t really know how the system works so. ..

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