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I was recently asked if I liked being single, and I took a moment of reflection and then answered, “Yes, in fact, I do.” But, it isn’t all fabulous dates, sexual variety and waiting out the exciting three-day period before the post-date call back. Conversely, it isn’t all drinking bottles of red wine alone while watching the WE channel in flannel PJ’s either. Let’s face it, it is a combination of both.

There are positives and negatives to every choice that we choose. For instance if you choose one job, one guy, one apartment, another, possibly better option, automatically is discarded. So, being single does have the benefit of countless possibilities; my next great love, date, fling or screw could be just around the corner. So as far as excitement, the single girl’s life is as full of excitement as a martini is full of gin.

On the other hand, the single life is also full of loneliness, the tendency towards bitterness and the occasional friend/family member’s well-intentioned fix-up. I was recently chatting to my sister about my dating dry spell and I heard the verbal kiss of death, “I have someone that would be perfect for you!” Dating is awkward enough, even when the two parties decide for themselves to go on a date. You know, you are sitting across from your date and you are thinking is there something in my teeth? Am I talking too much? If this worked out, could I get him to dress better?  Do I have a booger in my nose? Is he interested in me? Are we going to kiss or do the ass-out hug?  Shit! I didn’t bring an Altoid! Compound this stress by the fact that neither of you know anything about the other, probably have nothing in common and are likely just there to please a friend or family member, needless to say, there are a lot of awkward silences.

Certainly the best part about being single is freedom. I can go out and kiss whomever I want, I can travel on a whim without consulting a boyfriend and I can devote as much time to my career as I want without feeling guilty for neglecting my significant other. Being single provides you with plenty of hilarious dating mishaps to regale your friends with over brunch; like the guy who asked me if I was a lesbian because of my college major, on our first date; you know who you are.  Being single is definitely an acquired taste and if it sounds like your particular brand of vodka, then enjoy it and don’t look for Mr. Right, rather enjoy the quest for Mr. Right Now. Then, when you are ready, that ‘now’ part will drop off, and you will be one less single girl.

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