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Yes, the gossip is juicy about the possibility of song bird Chilli (of singing group TLC) ‘hooking up’ with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

Speculation is everywhere! People are not only taking bets on whether Mayweather can knock out his next opponent in his upcoming fight, but there are also bets on whether Chilli and Floyd will go a few rounds in love. They’ve been on a very public date during Chilli’s new reality show, “What Chilli Wants,” On VH1, which proved to be revealing. The date was sweet, but it uncovered without a doubt ‘some strong sexual chemistry’ going on between these two high profile people. So the question is ‘do these two superstars have a chance at love?’

What do the stars say?

Chili (Rozonda Thomas) is a Pisces born on 2/27/1971 and her cosmic profile suggests that she is caring and compassionate based on her Sun and Mercury placement, (the planet of thought and communicate), but her Moon in Aries,(her inner emotions) indicate that  she is aggressive, assertive and have no problem going after anything she wants! (If a man thinks that he is going to cheat on her and get away with it, he’d better think again!) Chilli’s Sun/Moon formulasuggests that she can be very sensitive and generous in her love relationships, and a tough person to deal with once she feels that she is not being appreciated. She loves deeply as indicated by her Venus in Capricorn. And once she thinks she’s found the right person she can be very loyal. Emotional and financial security is a big issue with her. Floyd Mayweather is a Pisces born 2/24/1977 and his cosmic profile suggests that yes, he too can be very compassionate in love as well.

His Moon in Taurus indicates that once he has found the right person, he will make a wonderful husband and family man. His Moon reveals that his home life is very important to him, but in order to create the right home, he has to find ‘the right woman.’ Aspects to Floyd’s love planet Venus in the sign of Aries suggests that he can become bored in romance quickly and will have no problem moving on to the next woman who catches his attention. There are also indications that he can be very picky in choosing a mate. A Venus/Neptune contact suggests that he indeed is looking for a soul mate or a person who relates to him on a deep soul level. Anything less will keep him searching for the perfect person, until he finds them. So, the issue is, should Chilli and Floyd cross the friendship barrier and give love a chance, or should they maintain their friendship and keeping the love issue in the back of their minds?

Based on their cosmic profiles, my suggestion is that they should avoid testing the waters of romance and keep the friendship alive. Yes, their sexual chemistry is strong, but their charts also reveal power struggles and possible issues of fidelity. A lifelong friend is much better than a brief love relationship any day! Floyd, you got friends! Think about introducing Chilli to a stable, loving, financially set and faithful man!

Do a sista a favor!!

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