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Whether you have just started dating him or you’ve been knowing him for years, consider what you are getting yourself into before you commit. Here are ten signs that your guy might be a few sandwiches short of picnic from blackvoices.com:

1. Smothers brothers: He’s overbearing.

When I ask you why your last relationship ended and you stare off into the distance muttering, “I loved her too much… ” I hear this: “Because I’m annoying. I was on her like white on rice. And I’ll be all up under you the same way.” You may think stalking her was romantic, but I bet she got sick of you wondering about her whereabouts. Most women aren’t into smothering. I, too, will pass.

2. The uninvited: He’s all about the unexpected home visit.

I hate when people stop by unannounced, but when a guy I’m seeing “just happens to be in my neighborhood,” a red flag immediately raises. You live in another county, my dude, why are you all of a sudden, coincidentally down the block from me? You’re checking up on me, and I’m not feeling it.

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3. What’s beef?: Wherever he goes a fight ensues.

I want a lover, not a fighter — most of the time. If we can’t go out without you fighting every male that “looked at you sideways,” this isn’t going to work. A shoot-out at the nightclub is not my idea of a good time. Like Chris Rock said, “If a guy steps on your Pumas… let it slide.”

4. Spaz-tastic: He throws temper tantrums… like a girl.

Any adult male that locks himself in a bathroom during an argument is questionable. It’s crazy when females pull this stunt, but with a guy, it’s just wrong. By bolting yourself in the toilet, I see that you have a few screws loose, and I’m not staying to witness how this episode ends.


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