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Rihanna is rumored to shoot a music video for “Te Amo” next week in Paris, France. Several radio stations from European countries are starting to play the song. Just like “Hard” was released only in the US, the same might happen to “Rockstar 101,″ while “Te Amo” will be released in the rest of the world. Hopefully, Rihanna’s label is going to release an official statement soon. SOURCE

If you haven’t heard it yet, the lyrics to “Te Amo” imply some girl-on-girl action. And we all know Rihanna will do just about anything to get us talking, so we can only imagine what type of antics she’ll use in her video this time around.

“Te amo, te amo,” she says to me / I hear the pain in her voice / Then we danced underneath the candlebra / she takes the lead / That’s when I saw it in her eyes / It’s over.

Then she said “Te amo” / then she put her hand around me waist / I told her “No” / She cried “Te amo” / I told her “I’m not gonna run away, but let me go” / My soul has arrived / Without asking why / I said “Te amo” / Wish somebody would tell me what she said / Don’t it mean “I love you.”

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