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And it's the most unapologetically Black thing the Grammy-winning superstar has ever done.

Lloyd gets into the holiday spirit with his new video “She’s All I Want For Christmas.” Featuring lots of funky horn-blowing and banging of steel drums, Lloyd channels Michael Jackson in sound (with high notes) and appearance (with classic, trademark dances)! In the clip, Lloyd works as a handler on a Christmas tree lot when […]

Mary J. Blige’s new video for “Mr. Wrong” is missing a Mr. altogether. Featured guest Drake is nowhere to found in the clip, leaving Mary and her dancers to fulfill the duties of performing alongside blinking lights and disco balls. Mary first emerges from a music box before throwing on a few classic looks – […]

Beyonce's "Countdown" video has been revamped. After being accused of stealing moves from a Belgian choreographer, Bey has removed the images in the video's new version.

Beyonce's "Dance For You" video was shot in black-and-white, recalling film noir, as if she's the seductress and her co-star the detective. WATCH Bey get sexy!

Monica's "Until It's Gone" video is as emotional as expected. Brian White and Malinda Williams play a couple who, fighting over his infidelity, get into a car accident.

Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had" video has been revamped. With wedding footage and photos sent in from her fans own ceremonies, check out the touching clip!

Kelly Rowland’s “Lay It On Me” video is too hot for words. Wearing leotards that show off her long legs, Kelly plays with a dozen sexy, shirtless men (and Big Sean).

Beyonce's video for "Countdown" is here! In the clip, Bey goes through the decades, channeling everybody from Aubrey Hepburn and Diana Ross to a Vogue swimsuit model.

In Elle Varner's "Only Wanna Give It To You" video, the wild-haired and carefree Elle shops for shoes, cuts a rug, and jams with J. Cole in the super-colorful clip.

Lloyd’s “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” video is all Motown-era, but with a modern twist. Fronting a funky garage band (with his bowtie and harmonizing back-up singers in tow), Lloyd croons and swoons while telling his ex (who’s dressed like Catwoman) how angry he is that she gave her love away to someone else. […]

Nicki Minaj & Rihanna premiered the video for "Fly" at the 2011 MTV VMA's pre-show. The two woman walk a deserted, gray world filled with broken down automobiles.