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Just because Michelle Obama is no longer in the White House, despite our pleas to have her return, doesn’t mean that she has stopped trying to make a difference, especially as it relates to women and people of color. While speaking at a recent conference, she was firmly advocating for more women and POC to be embraced by the highly-profitable tech industry.

Glamour Hosts 'A Brighter Future: A Global Conversation on Girls' Education' With First Lady Michelle Obama

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As reported by The Grio, Michelle Obama was a guest speaker at the recent WWDC, which is Apple’s annual developer conference and she gave a powerful speech about equality and diversity in the workplace for women and POC of color, specifically in the tech industry that is heavily dominated by white men.

Excerpts from her speech are below:

“Girls walk away from tech and science. … There’s something about how this subject is being taught. You guys are smarter than that. You’re better than that, let’s figure it out.

We have to want to want women in technology. And that’s where I look to the fellas in the room and say, ‘Are you ready? Are you really ready to have women at the table? Then make room.’”

She later added:

“Too many of us want to be big influencers … but we don’t want to confront our own families on stuff [we] care about. Don’t underestimate the value of what you can do in your own communities.

This nation, this planet is going to be facing some tremendous challenges. We are in a room of problem solvers. We are in a room full of creators. Are you ready for that?”

It’s so great to see Michelle Obama still striving to do good and make things better even though her time as a First Lady has come to an end. She is doing more to help “us” than the current administration could ever dream of.

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