Harlem princess Azealia Banks got caught in another web of social media bickering as she’s now been accused of doing Whiteface. The incriminating photo was seen on her Instagram and while naysayers got all riled up, the photo was taken while her makeup was being applied for her “Ice Princess” music video shoot. MUST READ: Azealia Banks RIPS Kendrick […]

Recently, I voiced my disdain for Nick Cannon’s choice to paint his face white to promote his album, “White People Party Music,” that hits the stores on April 1, 2014. While I realize that Cannon’s not the first, nor the last Black comedian to use Whiteface (gosh, I hate that term) for humor, I was […]

Rapper, actor, comedian and pretty much all around entertainment mogul, Nick Cannon sent #TeamBeautiful an exclusive response to us giving his Whiteface album promotion the side eye (watch his video response above). Must Read: #TeamBeautiful Appears On ‘Good Morning America’ To Side Eye Nick Cannon’s Whiteface Album Promotion Recently, Nick decided he wanted to be an artist again […]

I recently reported on Nick Cannon donning Whiteface to get us to pay attention to his new album, “White People Party Music.” That article was the reason “Good Morning America” reached out, asking me to share my opinion on Nick Cannon and his racial publicity stunt for the show. Of course I jumped at the […]

 Nick Cannon painted on Whiteface to promote his new album with “Wild N’ Out” cast member, Timothy DeLaGhetto, called “White People Party Music.” I can take a joke, but if we get offended when White people do Blackface, how can we say, “Ahh come on, it’s just a joke,” when a Black person does it? […]