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 Nick Cannon painted on Whiteface to promote his new album with “Wild N’ Out” cast member, Timothy DeLaGhetto, called “White People Party Music.” I can take a joke, but if we get offended when White people do Blackface, how can we say, “Ahh come on, it’s just a joke,” when a Black person does it? Cannon started to receive backlash of major publications cringing and decided to tell the world to “just relax and have fun”:

Don’t get your fancy panties in a bunch! It’s funny how people take themselves so seriously. People love drama! We feed off of it. Just relax and have fun!

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There’s a major difference between having fun and being offensive. Nick created “Connor Smallnut” for this new album, but also for attention, because let’s be real–when was the last time you paid attention to a Nick Cannon track? I’ll tell you when–10 years ago. “White People Party Music” is Cannon’s second studio album in 10 years, so he could use all the publicity stunts he could get. If reverse racism was a thing–this would be it. Racial double standard anyone?

Let’s say Macklemore was to come out with an album called, “Black People Cookout Music,” and painted himself Black to promote it. What would happen? I can tell you that Kendrick Lamar wouldn’t be the only person fired up about it. I don’t think it’s right to call a White person in Blackface racist without calling a Black person in Whiteface the same.Sure, there’s been other Black comedians who smeared their faces in white paint for a cheap giggle, but that doesn’t make it any less offensive. So what racism scale of judgment are you using to decide what deserves a chuckle versus what deserves a march on Washington?

And then there’s this:

While I find his corniness refreshing, I’m not here for his trying-too-hard-to-be-taboo tactics to get us to care about this album. However much Nick’s fake pasty White face makes me cringe, I can honestly say that from what I’ve heard, “White People Party Music” is a fun album. It’s the type of Britney Spears meets Flo-Rida music that makes sweating in the gym a bit more bearable. It sucks that Nick Cannon had to create a gimmick in order to get the world to pay attention. Don’t get it twisted though–this was a brilliant marketing ploy. People who would have never checked for a Nick Cannon album are currently searching the hashtag as to not miss a chance to laugh at him.

Just to keep me from tearing up, I am going to assume that this isn’t real. Please let this just be one of those Weird Al Yankovic things. Here’s hoping. Ok I can’t hold it in anymore–*Ugly Cry*

What’s funny about this is just in time for Black History Month, Cannon voiced his outrage over a Google Doodle honoring Harriet Tubman and called the uplifting cartoon image racist. I’m starting to think Nick Cannon doesn’t know what racist means.

What do you think of Nick Cannon in Whiteface, beauties–hilarious or hurtful?

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