D..C. police believe that her death and the murders of two other people may be linked.

The former President doesn't have to live in The White House in order to spread holiday joy!

On Saturday (Sep 30) thousands gathered in our nation's capitol and around the country to focus on ending racism and sexism. 

The hanging fruit discovered on Monday was no laughing matter.


Among them are Demetria Carthens, 17; Heaven Shamte, 15; Rayna Gross, 16; and Dashann Wallace, 15. Carthens had been missing since February 7, while Shamte Gross and Wallace were reported missing in March.


Concern and outrage heighten as Black and Latinx teen girls continue to go missing in Washington, D.C.

Plus, on Election Day, Washington D.C. residents will vote on becoming the 51st US state and federal judge says North Carolina must restore voter registrations of those removed from polls.

Plus, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser calls for her district to become a state and the MacArthur Foundation grants millions to help reduce our nation's jail population.

Just peep how excited the kids were when FLOTUS walked into their classroom to talk about gardening and healthy eating.

Howard graduate Briggitta Hardin says she was fired from her job at a sports bar because of her skin color.

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Police are now searching for a second woman after she was caught on camera twerking on a man inside a Washington D.C. convenience store.

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"I feared for my life," said police brutality victim Jason Goolsby.