The creator of the global Nomadness Travel Tribe movement talks about the history and future of Black travel.

During her TEDTalk TV executive Shonda Rhimes shared that when she's able to manage every "high note" of her life, she feels like Beyoncé.

Monica Lewinsky is back in the headlines and there’s no scandal behind it. Monica took part in the highly-anticipated TED Talk yesterday, where she discussed how the internet affected the aftermath of affair with former president Bill Clinton. 1998, Monica was brought to the public’s attention, when her relationship with Clinton became public when she was just a 22-year-old internet at […]

Recently clinical psychologist, Meg Jay shared during a Ted Talk that 30 is not the new 20, contrary to what many believe, mostly because of Jay-Z’s catchy tune, “30’s The New 20.” It’s become more than a repeated motto, now 20-somethings are taking those words to heart and carrying those carefree days of high school […]