Recently, I spoke with a group of friends who all have thriving, successful careers. I connected with them to engage in an honest discussion about how deeply affected we all were by the recent strings of violence against our community and how that pain is translating into our daily lives.

As details of the shooting death of 23-year-old Randallstown, Maryland, resident Korryn Gaines unfold, numerous questions linger about the rights of an individual during altercations with police.

If you have already participated in protests, or are seriously considering it in the future, there are numerous laws you should become acquainted with to protect your rights, your safety, and the safety of others.

Within the past three days, social media has been bombarded with hashtags, personal opinions, and outright disgust with how two Black men have been murdered at the hands of the police, seemingly for no reason other than being Black men in America.

A judge forcing Kesha to remain in her contract with Sony presents a huge warning sign to women everywhere: Read carefully before you sign.

Here is what you need to know about the case and what it means for students nationwide.

Legal Breakdowns Of The Hottest Entertainment & Celebrity Drama On February 18th, an Illinois federal judge dismissed a $3 billion royalty lawsuit filed against PepsiCo, Inc. and others brought by the heirs of the actress who played Aunt Jemima. According to the suit, two great-grandchildren of Anna S. Harrington, Dannez W. Hunter and Larnell Evans, […]

The latest on Bobbi Kristina: While Bobbi is still fighting for her life, CNN is reporting that they have removed her breathing tube and has gone through a tracheotomy. This means she will be now breathing through a hole in her throat. This choice lowers her risk of infection and is said to be a […]

On July 8, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh dismissed a major portion of a defamation lawsuit filed by John Wender against a former scorned lover, Louis Silberling. According to the $1.25 million dollar lawsuit, Wender alleged that Silberling posted defamatory material on a blog and via emails in which she purportedly detailed infidelities of […]

Legal breakdowns of the hottest entertainment and celebrity drama On July 18th, an Escambia County jury awarded Pensacola resident Cynthia Robinson a $23.6 Billion dollar judgment against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company stemming from the 1996 death of her late husband, Michael Johnson, Sr. According to the lawsuit, Mr. Johnson passed away after smoking Kool brand […]

A new law in Tennessee has caused Mallory Loyola, 26, to be arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after both she and her newborn infant tested positive for meth. She is the first person in that state to be prosecuted for the offense, which went into effect earlier this month. MUST READ: BABY ON BOARD: […]

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter reported acclaimed filmmaker Tyler Perry’s United States Patent and Trademark Office victory for the rights to “What Would Jesus Do?” against Kimberly Kearney, also known as “Poprah” from VH-1 series, “I Want to Work for Diddy.“ According to the article, Perry registered for the “What Would Jesus Do?” mark in 2008, […]