Ebony Steele ended up working in radio alongside Rickey Smiley after working in Pharmaceutical Sales with her Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University. After about five years of slaving away in a 9-5, Ebony took a leap of faith and stepped out to do radio at the urging of Rickey himself. A chance meeting in a […]

How many women, better yet, Black women can say that they helped to launch an airline? #TeamBeautiful knows at least one and her name is Icema Gibbs. Must Read: Natasha R.W. Eldridge Champions Being A Wife, Mother & CEO [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Icema started as a journalism major at Syracuse University, but ended up in aviation. […]

Her name, or rather her blog rings a bell–whether you log on daily (like I do) or not. You’re probably on Necole Bitchie right now. Necole Kane is the blogstress behind the ever-popular urban entertainment hub that somehow manages to uplift and support rather than degrade and humiliate Hollywood’s heavyweights. Many blogs find the ridiculing […]

Natasha R. W. Eldridge is the type of boss lady that many of us dream to be. Instead of complaining about the lack of diversity, care and concern in the educational field, she decided to open her own educational programs and serve students from nursery school all the way to college age. Must Read: 9 […]

When you’re working at Def Jam as a Senior Director of Marketing and your assignment is a backpacking-wearing, teddy bear loving “College Dropout” named Kanye West, you have no choice but to get that work! And that’s just what Shante Bacon did! Shante has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, often gathering inspiration from her mother, […]

How does one get to the level of Senior Vice President of Global Sales of a fashion brand like Donna Karan, which represents luxury, sensuality, comfort and creative expression? Well, just ask Felita Harris, the SVP of Global Sales at Donna Karan. Check Out Felita Harris Here: Must Read: 3 Confidence-Boosting Tips For The Unemployed […]

What does “having it all mean?” This past weekend, #TeamBeautiful posed that very question in a room full of female executives, directors, entrepreneurs, authors, writers and lawyers. Each woman had a different answer, but there was one constant theme, that “having it all,” is subjective and should be defined by the individual and not based […]