Michelle Obama is totally like our Black auntie. She’s fabulous, always has on the best clothing, keeps a pair of killer shades on deck and tells it exactly how it is. The First Lady stopped by “Live With Kelly & Michael” where she chatted with the hosts about her daughters Sasha and Malia making Time’s […]

First daughters Malia (pictured left) and Sasha Obama weren’t in Selma, Al attending the 50th anniversary ceremony of Bloody Sunday as a family obligation for their father, President Barack Obama.  The teens were there for an important history lesson being taught by their dad regarding the civil rights movement. Mr. Obama paid homage to the living […]

Malia Obama is getting her driver’s license this summer and First Lady Michelle Obama is telling Washington D.C. to watch out! The oldest first daughter celebrates her sweet 16 on July 4th, and like most teenagers, that milestone birthday comes with car privileges. “One child is going to be driving this summer,” the FLOTUS told […]

[from Jack and Jill Politics] We’ve heard from a few readers wanting more about Jack’s and my experience as blacks attending Sidwell Friends. I don’t know about Jack, but for me, going back to that time of my life is not always easy. But it’s importance I understand: It’s a small, very very small group […]