Fort Worth's Britanny Brown claims she was unfairly called out by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations on Facebook.

With the shocking news that Gabrielle Union was fired from America’s Got Talent for speaking out about racism and sexism on set, even more shocking details are coming out into the light. According to Variety, the 47-year-old actress and her white co-host Julianne Hough were given excessive notes about their appearance. But one note Union […]

In America, it’s consistently been proven that just the mere sight of black people propels other races, specifically white people, to somehow feel so threatened for their lives that they immediately call the police on us for simply existing. That’s exactly what happened to a black Yale grad student who was sleeping and found herself […]

As many around the country continue to voice their collective outrage surrounding the arrest of two black men while waiting inside a local Philadelphia Starbucks, the men have yet to speak directly to the media. That all changed when that sat for an exclusive interview with Good Morning America. Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, the […]

Starbucks will close more than 8,000 stores in the United States for an afternoon of racial bias training.

Certain responses to extreme acts of discrimination shouldn’t be surprising, such is the case with the Philadelphia Police Chief who stated that the officers who arrested the black Starbucks customers were totally right in arresting them. Seriously, you can’t make this up. Want to know the best way to make your police department look totally […]

Target may be known as the place where you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of discounted goodness, but apparently the retail giant has a problem with discrimination. According to a new settlement, Target used tactics to keep POC from employment. Making a Target run has become a national pastime for many Americans, however […]

The Oscar winner wants you to know that she gets paid way less than her white female counterparts.

Essie Grundy says she felt like she was being treated like a criminal, all for a 48-cent comb.

TBS and CNN have been slammed with a lawsuit from a former employee, who saw a major lack of diversity at the executive level. One woman has accused the Atlanta networks of professionally holding Black employees back. Wanda Byrd is suing both networks and their parent company for racial discrimination, reports. According to her […]

Destiny Tompkins put her store managers on blast after she was threatened to have her hours cut if she didn't change her hair style.