The rapper is doing something generous to help incarcerated men while underscoring the unfairness in our justice system.

Plus, Detroit man to be released from prison after being wrongly convicted of murder and Rachel Dolezal shoots race doc at Howard University.

POTUS granted 42 federal prisoners clemency, most of who were incarcerated on drug charges.

Plus, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser calls for her district to become a state and the MacArthur Foundation grants millions to help reduce our nation's jail population.

Plus, former Black "Apprentice" contestants blast Donald Trump, Lifetime fast-tracks Flint water crisis movie and more news.

The New Orleans' native was the longest-serving prisoner to be held in solitary confinement in US history.

Is this a political move or is the reality of Black men's incarceration a deep concern for Hilary Clinton?