Azealia Banks  has found a new person to beef with these days. The Harlem rapper wound up in the cross hairs of Fox News pundit Eric Boilling over her recent interview with Playboy magazine. The Broke with Expensive Taste emcee raised a few eyebrows when she told the magazine that she hated America. MUST READ: Azealia […]

Azealia Banks is the female version of Kanye West when it comes to public persona: highly talented and smart, but incredibly polarizing. Few artists would appreciate that comparison, but let me explain. I’ve been following her career since “212” and since then, I’ve been conflicted with Banks as a fan. I’ll always appreciate her extensive knowledge […]

Lamar Odom talks to Playboy magazine for their February 2011 issue about his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Sure, they only got married only a month after knowing each other, but when you know, you know. They’ve been married for over a year, already. On how marrying Khloe has changed him: “Men, most of the time […]