The African American Princess Series, created by hairstylist LaChanda Gatson and CreativeSoul Photography, is a stunning celebration.

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"It was a day that gave me back some of what I lost."

What if history looked like this? Shields' 'Lynching' asks the question and some are afraid of the answer.

Hannah Price made a major move from Colorado to a more urban-Philadelphia and immediately noticed that she received catcalls a lot more frequently than she ever had before. As a photographer, Hannah decided to turn her lens on these men and create a beautiful project centered around the men who used her as the object […]

Photography can be a BIG line-item cost for your budget. So, the question is this: Is it worth it?The short answer is yes. Photography is the ideal way to capture the special moments and details of the day. After you’ve obsessed over flowers, linen colors, the design of the cake and your napkin folds, you […]