Just in time for Halloween,  Black&Sexy.TV released a  spoof of Netflix’s hit drama “Orange Is The New Black” that’s based on the real life experiences of Piper Kermanand, and the parody is a mash up of epic proportions! Our favorite “Awkward Black Girl”  Issa Rae stars as the beloved OITNB character Taystee in the short  […]

From the “Big Gas Savings” to the “Ship My Pants,” K-Mart’s commercials have been super taboo lately. YouTube comedians have taken notice and made it their business to take those commercials to the next level with an even more taboo spoof. Must Read: 10 Bloggers Whose Closets We’d Love To Raid I love a good […]

Even teachers have to find something to do after school hours. These particular teachers, however, decided to choreograph a music video.