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Lloyd’s “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” video is all Motown-era, but with a modern twist. Fronting a funky garage band (with his bowtie and harmonizing back-up singers in tow), Lloyd croons and swoons while telling his ex (who’s dressed like Catwoman) how angry he is that she gave her love away to someone else.

Featuring an intro by Lil’ Wayne (played by comedian Wayne Brady) and the usual show-stealing verse from Andre 3000 (who is very appropriately played by a Puss-In-Boots lookalike cartoon cat), the song’s catchiness, unfortunately, isn’t at all swayed by it’s controversial lyrics.

(Besides, a little vulgarity can always go viral – just look at what Cee Lo did with “F*** You”!)

NSFW (not suitable for work), unless, of course, you have headphones.

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