"I believe that it is so much easier to keep what you have than to try to get back what you've lost."

Sephora introduces eight new Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) brands through their Accelerate incubation program that will be in store soon.

For our "Confidence" issue, we spoke to Black Girl Sunscreen CEO Shontay Lundy about the motivation behind her sunscreen brand and why it is important for Black people to protect their skin from the sun.

Ain’t no denying it, I love food. I also love beauty. So if you’re anything like me beauties, then you are going to love my great eight beauty remedies using food. MUST READ: Keepin’ It Cute: 5 Of The Best Tips Ever To Making Over Your Fridge For Super Easy Healthy Eating Chances are that […]

What you see is my Visia Complexion Analysis, an in-depth complexion profile that analyzed my skin’s condition above and below the surface courtesy of Mychelle Dermaceuticals. Done in the skin care section of a New York City Whole Foods, I was tenuous about sticking my face into this contraption, but for the sake of expanding […]