Nikeva Stapleton's gig as a model for Hollister was the launching pad to the career that has landed her on a Times Square billboard.


"I've never been a background player."


“I called my mom like, ‘I just booked an eighteen-thousand-dollar job. It’s the biggest job I ever booked in my life!’ She’s like, ‘Ambre you mean eighteen hundred honey’ and I’m like, ‘No mom eighteen thousand!’"

Plus-size modeling usually places emphasis on a woman’s curves but it’s Kwao’s face that makes her one of the most sought after names in the business.

London born plus size model Philomena Kwao stopped by our studio to give us a look into her bag. Despite having a River Island bag on hand, the Ghanaian beauty would much rather ditch carrying a purse most days and opt for carrying things in her pockets. Rather than touching up her makeup with more product Philomena […]

Born on the French Riviera, she's a welcome face to the growing presence of diversity on the runway.

Escaping a war torn country, this Sudanese stunner is about to make waves using her modeling platform.

"At this point in my career, I feel like me being silent is me not standing up for the other young girls who are coming up in the industry."

When was the last time you were scouted by an agent while hanging out at the mall?