MempHitz reportedly posted the hint on his Instagram page before quickly deleting it.

Toya Wright's marriage to Mickey "Memphitz" Wright is finally reaching an end.

Toya Wright sat down with Big Tigger on Atlanta's V-103 radio station to talk about the new season of WeTV's "Marriage Bootcamp".

After admitting on national TV that her husband is allowed to cheat eight times per year, it's no surprise that Toya Wright & Memphitz have signed up for another reality show in hopes of salvaging their relationship.

Memphitz is still salty that Toya wouldn't let him join the cast of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' to defend himself from the K. Michelle domestic violence accusations.


Memphitz wanted for allegedly trying to steel weed and a phone at an Atlanta car wash.

Memphitz is lashing out against the legal system and bashing Black women after losing his recent legal battle. Memphitz is looking like a sore loser right about now. The producer simply cannot believe that a judge sided with K.Michelle, Mona Scott Young and Viacom in his case against them. In his mind, there’s no way […]

So that defamation of character lawsuit that Memphitz filed against K. Michelle, Viacom and Mona Scott-Young‘s company Monami? The Atlanta-based producer just lost the case, which spells bad news for his attempts to clear his name. The case was an attempt to distance himself from the domestic abuse and money embezzlement accusations that Michelle shared […]

Don’t expect K. Michelle to be laughing it up over the marital woes of ex-boyfriend Memphitz. The Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart singer isn’t reveling over her Memphitz and wife Toya Wright’s marital problems according to her. On Jan. 11, K decided to participate in a q&a session over Twitter, while battling insomnia as she was on a […]