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Wayne Welsh has lost his position as assistant

When it comes to the beloved cartoon character, the Internet has absolutely no chill--and we're totally here for it.

Amber Rose broke the internet when she started sharing unbelievably sexy photos of herself on vacation with BFF Blac Chyna in Miami. The photos were enticing, racy and honestly, beautiful. And while the internet erupted in cheers and boos for the mother of one’s displaying of her body, it was the above meme, placing her […]

Chances are, if you’re scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feeds, you’ve probably seen Martin Baker’s image used in a number of popular memes. He’s the Black guy in glasses who is on the phone, looking like Mama Spike found out the light wasn’t paid this month. Seemingly by coincidence, the good folks of the […]

Get into the holiday spirit! Follow the #MadeaSleighTracker & create your own meme for A Madea Christmas. Everyone’s doing it, so should you! Get into the holiday spirit with us and create a fun and silly meme in celebration of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas opening in theaters December 13th. It’s easy! Simply choose an […]