Social media platforms has really made some people act as though they are invincible. Folks log into their accounts and proceed say anything to anyone and expect they won’t receive repercussions for their actions. Those days are starting to become a thing of the past and rightly so in some cases. The latest to learn this lesson the […]

Jackie Robinson West has been stripped of the U.S. Little League Championship that they worked so hard to earn at the Little League World Series last year. Someone out there just doesn’t want Jackie Robinson West to be great. ESPN Little League International is now taking away the Chicago team’s hard-won victory on a geographical […]

Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West sent Mo’Ne Davis and her team home after their face-off at the Little League World Series. The boys brought home the U.S. title when they beat the Taney Dragons 7-5 on Saturday night, reports. The world has been keeping a close eye on both squads this summer because they’ve both broken […]

Yeah, she “throws like a girl” and Mo’ne Davis keeps making history with her amazing pitching abilities! The 13-year old is the only girl on her Philadelphia baseball team and after helping propel her team deep into the Little League World series she’s snag a new honor as the first Little Leaguer — male or female — to grace the cover […]

While Mo’Ne Davis is pitching fastballs like nobody’s business, a team from Chicago is also turning heads at the Little League World Series. A little positivity is always a breath of fresh air. The Jackie Robinson West All-Stars have given the Windy City another reason to be proud while raising morale in the community at […]

Mo’Ne Davis made history this week as she helped her team earn a spot at the Little League World Series. The 13-year-old baseball phenom sent a bunch of young men back to the dug out when she pitched a shutout game at the Mid-Atlantic Regional finals, reports. Her performance on Sunday clinched the victory for […]