The event, which happened last month, was aimed at empowering our youth to read and see themselves as heroes.

Courtney Holmes is part of a growing trend of barbers that are getting creative and helping their local children get an education.

We’ve all experienced that moment, when someone uses a phrase one too many times and you have to tense your arm muscles to prevent from going slap-happy on them. I can’t even lie, I’ve logged off Twitter and Facebook many times just because I was tired of hearing people abuse the hell out of terms. […]

The literacy rate in America is officially 99%. But before we sit back, open the champagne and pat ourselves on the back, consider this… America has a functional illiteracy rate of 22%. This means that over 44 million American adults cannot do anything more complex than make out certain letters, or spell their name. They […]

Fantasia is not in a good mood today…She is on twitter snapping off on people who have been making fun of her misspelled words and things on twitter.

(From Learning to read is a huge milestone in a child’s life. And even though every child is unique, there are some general guidelines to help you bring out the reader in him. The National Center for Family Literacy and other experts offer their advice.

I have to begin this by saying that I’m extremely proud that my son is learning to read. He is now a card-carrying member of The New York Public Library System. But his newly-acquired powers are really starting to cramp my style.