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There is hope for the future and it's in the form of a bromance.

Management and leadership skills are different, yet complimentary. Managers are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing policies and protocols, while also ensuring the jobs of employees are done in compliance with the goals of the company. They are focused on delegation, control, processes, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. MUST READ: Turn It Off: How To Leave […]

As far back as I can remember, my mother always stressed the importance of being a leader and not a follower. She always suggested that I own every decision that I made, and not simply rely on others to think for me and/or make decisions that will ultimately affect my life, especially if those decisions […]


So listen, you guys know sometimes how things can be right in your face and you don’t know about it, right?  I was trying to…

Perhaps you are tired of hearing about the Penn State scandal, and if so, I don’t quite blame you. But let me tell you why we can’t stop talking about it…yet. Not only should we not stop talking about the Penn State scandal because a new report of child abuse is made every ten seconds […]

Terri Sewell, a Democrat and attorney from Alabama, has become the first black woman in history to be elected to Washington as a representative of that state. She triumphed in Alabama’s 7th district against Republican businessman, Don Chamberlain. A friend of Michelle Obama at Princeton and later classmate of President Obama, Sewell returned to her […]