Name: Marlen Bodden Occupation: Author, Roatan Hall, LLC and Attorney, The Legal Aid Society (NYC) Education: Tufts University; New York University School of Law; 2012 Honorary Doctor of Laws – University of Rhode Island Previous Job experience: Attorney, The Legal Aid Society (NYC) HelloBeautiful: Briefly describe your day to day activities and responsibilities as an […]


As a follow up to previous two installments of “So You Want to Be a Lawyer,” this final presentation of informational nuggets for those currently pursuing or heavily contemplating obtaining a law degree is offered. You have successfully gained entrance to the law school of your dreams, completed three years of studying and studied and […]


I decided to Google this topic of discussion prior to commencing this article, just to research the direction most authors took with their advice. Would it be a generalization–totally subjective to the author, stuffy and/or seriously helpful? As I suspected, most of the information provided was extremely black and white, with zero emotion or personal […]

You know you have serious problems when you can’t keep a lawyer!! I’m hearing that Siohvaughn Wade’s 9th lawyer (yes that’s right) has quit representing her in this crazy divorce case.

LeBron James’ lawyer is shutting down the rumors that his client’s mom is sleeping with one of his teammates.  According to, LeBron’s attorney has fired off a cease and desist email — finally denying the fast-spreading, and disturbing rumor of a sex scandal involving LeBron’s mom and his teammate Delonte West.