One of my favorite couples may be headed for divorce court. I stalk La La Anthony on Twitter and Instagram (yeah I admit it) and noticed that she was tweeting less about being at the games cheering her man Carmelo Anthony on and more about her career. Then what really got my attention was on […]

Lala and Carmelo Anthony met in 2003. The hazel-eyed video jockey captured the attention of the blossoming athlete who was so interested in her that he asked friend–DJ Clue, what he knew about the Latina television host. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and not too long after Carmelo proposed on Christmas Day! Lala […]

Reality star LaLa Anthony and Hollywood “it girl” Tika Sumpter pay homage to good girls gone bad film “Thelma & Louise” in a recent photo shoot for Vibe. The ladies show off their “gangsta” side and looked amazing in the process. Take a look at the behind the scenes video and head over to […]

Lala takes us on another journey into her life on last night's episode of "Lala's Full Court Life"

Lala’s new reality show, “Lala’s Full Court Life” continued last night with the third episode of this season. On this episode, Lala and Carmelo took us behind the scenes of the NBA trade when Carmelo was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the NY Knicks. We saw Lala and Carmelo attend events during the NBA […]

Yesterday was the series premiere of “Lala’s Full Court Life”.  Right off the bat, Lala won us over with her bubbly personality and loving family life. The show follows the lives of Lala and her hubby, Carmelo Anthony, as they go through obstacles such as Carmelo being traded to the NY Knicks, Lala and her […]

Lala and Carmelo Anthony serve up the love on the super trailer of “Lala’s Full Court Life.” The recently married couple give fans a view into their lives including moving to New York and getting sacred tattoos! With the show just weeks away and no basketball in sight here are 5 reasons you should be […]

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NBA star Carmelo Anthony and his wife, Lala Vasquez, appeared on The View this week to talk about their big move back to NY. Carmelo shared how excited he was to come back home to play with his hometown team, the Knicks. Knick fan Whoopi Goldberg thanked Carmelo fοr taking NY tο thе playoffs аnd […]

NY Knicks player Carmelo Anthony made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night alongside host of the show, Elton John. Anthony channeled his inner funny bone, and wore a wig in one sketch and his warm ups in another. Hilarious! His first sketch was “ESPN Classic: Ladies Shot Put” where he played a female […]

Word on the street is that NBA’s Carmelo Anthony has a secret love child in NYC. Sources are saying that the baby is 11 months old and that when his then girlfriend (now wife) Lala Vasquez found out about the pregnancy she gave him the ultimatum of marriage or a very messy break up. The […]