Jovian Zayne

Host Charise Frazier sits down with Jovian Zayne, the founder of the International Day of Purpose and a well respected speaker, and professional development coach.

Dear other woman, Stop being trifling. Signed, Womanhood (well, minus all polygamists) This Valentine’s Day some woman will again feel like “shyt people feel on Valentine’s day when they’re bitter.” Maybe she’s bitter because her prized  ‘v’ between is alone….again. Or perhaps it’s because Valentine’s Day is another anniversary marking her past pain. A reminder […]

This Year Will Be Different. We’re half way through January and some of our New Year’s Resolutions have yet to see the light of 2012. We knew they were faux resolutions when we named them, but we did it anyway. It’s not that we didn’t want to do things differently this year, we just weren’t […]

Earlier this week Forbes contributor, and also (White American) Gene Marks did the unthinkable, and suddenly became a poor black kid. After reading his article it’s clear Mr. Marks has spent little, if any time with poor black kids, and little time considering the true sources of our nation’s achievement gap. I’m somewhat shocked he […]

What can you really say when your aunt tells you you’ve gained some weight when you arrive home for the holidays? This was me two years ago. I was infuriated and on the cusp of popping back with something unbelievably disrespectful, but thankfully I kept my thoughts to myself.  For one, I knew she might […]

It’s no secret times are hard and for most recent graduates getting a job is harder than expected. For many, getting a job you love feels damn near impossible. A recent Forbes article attributes a burn out trend among young women to a lack of initial self-reflection and notes that many of us didn’t “think of our […]

I don’t know what’s worse, arguing with a colleague or a significant other. They both come with a huge plate of stress, served with annoyance and grief.  But while they are both a pain,  it’s clear which one can directly affect your performance and career trajectory.  Most work conflict isn’t due to personality clashes but […]

Perhaps you are tired of hearing about the Penn State scandal, and if so, I don’t quite blame you. But let me tell you why we can’t stop talking about it…yet. Not only should we not stop talking about the Penn State scandal because a new report of child abuse is made every ten seconds […]