Will Smith Has 7 Songs With Kanye West Although Will Smith is one of the world’s highest paid actors, he remains true to his hip-hop roots. While promoting his new film “Focus,” the fresh prince spilled the tea on hitting the studio with Kanye West. Who knows when or if these songs will see the light […]

Rihanna’s New Single “Towards the Sun” No, it’s not the official single from Rihanna‘s long awaited “R8″ album, but it is new music from the pop star. “Towards the Sun” is the first single from DreamWorks’ upcoming animated film Home. The recent Grammy winner voiced the character Tip in the film and curated its soundtrack. The song sounds like […]

Jodeci’s New Song Sounds Like Classic Jodeci… When we first began listening to Jodeci‘s new song “Every Moment,” we thought well this sounds just like Jodeci. It totally would have been a certified baby-making hit back in the 90s…however they may need to come a little harder if they want to really want make a […]

Legendary R&B group Jodeci has returned after a 18-year hiatus. The popular 90’s group reunited at the 2014 Soul Train awards belting out their classic hits and slipped a new song in to fans. Now, Jodeci has finally debuted the new track, “Nobody Wins” featuring rapper B.o.B tackling domestic violence. The group released a lyric video […]

Jo Jo, Help Me! No Really, Somebody Help What’s Left Of Jodeci Sing Their Tunes Like They Used To OMG beauties! A tour was just announced that is sure to rock your world: The Real Kings of R&B Tour! And guess who’s going to be on it? All your favorite R&B bad boys: R. Kelly […]

Timbaland To Produce Jodeci’s Next Album This may be the best news we’ve heard all day. One of our favorite boy bands from the 90s is back and working with one of the greatest producers of our time! Timbaland hooked up with his old friend Devante and will be working on Jodeci’s upcoming album! “I […]

Pilar Sanders Breaks Silence On Custody Battle Pilar Sanders is finally breaking her silence on her ongoing custody battle and divorce drama. In a recent interview with NBC5, Sanders who lost custody of her three children to Deion Sanders is planning to appeal the decision. “You have to understand, I was a stay at home […]

DeVante Swing of Jodeci fame was recently arrested after showing up at a local Subway drunk out of his mind. Apparently Devante showed up drunk, wearing capri pants (WTH!) and was unable to control his movements. According to tmz.com, DeVante Swing — real name Donald DeGrate Jr. — was arrested at a Subway in Burbank, […]

The two stars of Jodeci, K-Ci and Jojo, have led a rough life of addiction since making hits in the 90s and now the two brothers are letting TV One cameras into their journey through rehabilitation and back to success.