Jermaine Jackson wants to change his name to something a little sunnier…Jermaine has filed a request to legally change his last name, swapping out “Jackson” for “Jacksun.”  According to TMZ, the older brother of Michael Jackson filed a name change petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles, stating the switch was for “artistic reasons.” The filing […]

Jermaine Jackson offers a keenly observed memoir tracing his younger brother’s life starting from their shared childhood and extending through the Jackson 5 years, Michael’s phenomenal solo career, his loves, his suffering, and his tragic end.  Now in paperback, YOU ARE NOT ALONE MICHAEL: Through A Brother’s Eyes (Touchstone Paperback; August 2012; $16.00) is a […]

Jermaine Jackson has had a change of heart, and is calling for a an end to the public feud that has embroiled his family in the past week saying issues over the care of his mother and with late brother Michael’s estate should be handled privately. According to TMZ, Jackson wrote a statement that was […]

Just weeks after her untimely death, Jermaine Jackson claims he and Whitney Houston had a relationship while he was married in the 80’s. RadarOnline reports: “Whitney Houston had a secret affair with Jermaine Jackson. Michael Jackson’s brother was married at the time the romance began in 1984 and ended a year later when Jermaine refused […]

Michael Jackson’s big brother Jermaine Jackson is being forced to live in Africa until he can pay his ex-wife $100,000 in back payment on his child support payments. TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jackson is currently staying in Ouagadougou, Urkina Faso, Africa, and is the process of trying to obtain a new passport. Jerrmaine’s passport […]