On the rappers podcast, "The Station 19" star kept it 100 by basically saying unlike some folks, he doesn't dishonor his family so there's no dirt to hide.

Dennis McKinley claims he never met "WAGS Atlanta's" Sincerely Ward and will take legal action against Youtuber Tasha K. for slandering his name.

Where is this same energy for Tristan? Asking for a friend.

The former "Basketball Wives" reality star is serious about clearing her name from these rumors.

In a recent sit-down with the popular radio show "The Breakfast Club," the comedian shared a pretty shocking story. 

Victoria Milan, the dating site for married and attached people, recently surveyed more than 5,000 cheating men; the results indicate that 78 percent of the respondents are in their first marriage, and that 82 percent of them began to be unfaithful after having children. Must Read: Why Do Men Cheat On Loyal Women? One Man’s […]

Ask a random guy, ‘why men cheat?’ and he’s likely to say ‘because he can!’ There are many reasons someone might cheat on their significant other, but these days the popular consensus is that men cheat more easily and more frequently than women. We spend so much time in our office arguing with the opposite […]

The most freakish part about being in a new relationship is that moment when you realize that the initial happy go lucky phase is over and real effort is needed, emotional effort that is. You realize this one day as you sit in silence with your premature ejaculator imagination thinking about all the potential scenarios […]

I will never forget the conversation I had with a friend years back about her home life. We were both in college at the time (I think, lord that was long ago) and she revealed that her mother found out about her father’s sordid affair with this woman. I gasped, clutched my non-existent pearls and […]

I came across a video from one of favorite video bloggers Africano Boi. If you are not used to his videos, you will think he’s crazy. Every facial expression exaggerated, dialogue twangy live and in color, the drag with a mustache and misplaced wig swag- madness. I happen to like crazy; I take crazy for […]

I recently had the opportunity to chat with contemporary fiction author Sheryl Mallory-Johnson about her newest novel, “Love & Regrets.” The book takes you on a journey into the lives of three everyday women – Carmen, Tempest, Dana – delving deep into their individual struggles with commitment, love and betrayal. After reading the storyline it […]