High School

The principal of Southwest Edgecombe High claims that Marvin Wright, president of his high school senior class, did not get his speech approved in time.

Last April, Amy Joyner-Francis was beaten to death after being jumped by a group of girls at her Wilmington high school.

Ashton Brooks isn't here for anyone comparing her to a gorilla.

A teacher testified that he heard the school's principal say, 'If those White officers hurt my Black babies, I'm going to have them fired.'

The school board voted Ryan Pitcock out weeks after he refused to let honor roll student Taiylar Ball attend the annual dance.

“Students and their families rely on and trust the high school diploma as a signal of readiness...It needs to mean something. Otherwise, it’s a false promise for thousands of students.”

It's unclear who the students in the dated video are, or if their behavior was addressed by the school. But what this video does show is that teachers do indeed get bullied.

Christmas is only in a few days, but with all the tragedy that’s happening in our own backyards, we could use an uplifting story that embodies the spirit of Christmas–selfless giving. Yaovi Mawuli is a high schooler from North Carolina who saw a classmate in need and decided to be the one to help. In the […]

New research is debunking the idea that young black men are falling behind in higher education. Don’t believe the hype! The Schott Foundation states that half of the black males in high schools will graduate with their class, and only 20 percent will have a high school diploma or even a GED by the time […]

Students preparing to take the SAT: your prayers have been answered. Say good-bye to required essays, penalties for wrong answers and uncommon vocabulary words like “prevaricator” and “sagacious.” The makers of the college entrance exam taken by millions of students each year have announced a series of sweeping changes to be made in the test. Teenagers have […]