Issa Rae says the writing team needed a break, plus she's becoming a major movie star!

"What this film seeks to do is humanize Sandy as a person. I think that we achieved that very well," Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, said.

"Say Her Name: The Death and Life of Sandra Bland" will debut on the cable network in December.

Even though most exes do the 'make up to break up' dance for years, maybe there is a lesson to be gleaned from Issa's decisiveness.

Several recent public incidents prove that toxic Black masculinity exists and what better way to address it then through the lens of art.


If there is one moment that best embodies 2 Dope Queens on HBO, it would be when hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams invite “hair icon” Sarah Jessica Parker on the show to talk about black hair. The scene is just as awkward and random as you’d expect as you watch Parker take great pain […]


HBO is firmly committed to stay in the Issa Rae business and fans reap all the benefits. It was just announced that the top premium cable network has nabbed two new series’ from the Insecure star that already sound addictive. While we continue to wait on season three of the incredible Insecure, HBO and Issa […]


Lawrence has a threesome that is not as awesome as he thought it would be while Issa reconnects with Daniel.