Hanifa Bridal has entered the fashion chat. We are loving what Black woman designer, Anifa Mvuemba, has for the weding industry.

Get ready to empty those pockets, because Hanifa is laying it on thick this fall season!

"This is actually crazy. I'm not going to tag or mention them. But this is crazy," Anifa Mvuemba tweeted.

The temperature outside may be getting cold, but attendees to last night’s Hanifa Fashion Presentation came in ‘haute.’

Congratulations to the founder and CEO of Hanifa, Anifa Muvemba, as she's just been named "The Future Of Fashion" at last night's InStyle Awards.

iOne Digital Creative Class

When the fashion world was panicking, trying to decide if they should risk lives and continue to have fashion shows, or risk a loss in momentum, Anifa Mvuemba was planning. Her clothing line, Hanifa, was almost ten years old and never had a fashion show. She spent the past few months learning 3D technology and working on a new collection yet to be released, Pink Congo Label. Why not combine the two and give a debut for the ages?