These Grammy looks have been on just about every best dressed list known to man.

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It's not Halloween, but these Black villains had the best costumes and wardrobe.

The iconic Jamaican model, singer, author and heartbreaker turns 72 today.

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According to, a Grace Jones documentary is finally in the works. One of the most talked about women of the ’70s and ’80s is…


It’s always great (and reassuring) to see young people tribute icons and legends, especially in the Black community. Similar to the Because Of Them, We Can campaign that honored Black history with contemporary women posing as historical icons, photographer Marc Bushelle is giving tribute to Black female icons and heroines by using his adorable daughter Lily as […]

Grace Jones may be 64-years-old, but she can hula hoop circles around you, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and your mom. The electrifying, legendary singer donned a leather and/or plastic corset and proceeded to hula hoop her way through her classic hit, “Slave To the Rhythm.” Yes, Grace Jones swung her hips for a solid four minutes […]

Nicki Minaj is all about having fun with her looks. She definitely marches to the beat of her own multicolored drum, but she’s also inspired by famous women with iconic looks. Her latest single, “Marilyn Monroe” calmed Nicki’s extreme wig usage down a bit, but she still kept it fun. Considering Nicki is utterly fearless […]

Model David Agbodji channels Grace Jones in the latest issue of Numero Homme magazine. We’ve had our eye on Agbodji for almost a year now – and for good reason. Back in January, we did a profile piece on him (EYE CANDY: David Agbodji) and now he is ranked the #6 male model of the […]

So, not everyone is a fan of Lady Gaga. Most of the teens still are – and they’ve probably broken many a finger nail trying to twist their hair into dangly oversized bows – but winning over the elders of the universe is another story altogether. And that sucks for Gaga – especially because she’s […]