Eric Garner's mother reacted to long overdue plans to discipline the cop who killed her son. But those plans come with one condition.

Plus, Donald Trump says he was being "sarcastic" when he called POTUS the founder of ISIS and filmmakers want the DOJ to investigate arrests of those who videotape police brutality.

The Missouri city and DOJ officials are nearing a reform deal that will likely effect change and overhaul "unconstitutional" policing.

Just as we were throwing our hands in the air wondering from where we might possibly ask for justice after the announcement came that Micahel Brelo, who shot two unarmed Black suspects in 2012, was found not guilty, it has been reported that the DOJ will be reviewing the case. The announcement came only a few […]

A day after U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch visited Baltimore in the wake of unrest after Freddie Gray died of fatal injuries received in police custody,…