The activist and organizer shared his thoughts on the current state of the BLM movement and more.


The activist has signed an exclusive deal with Crooked Media.


Last July, as McKesson led a BLM rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he was accused of being responsible for the damage, distress and injuries suffered by a local police officer, who has decided to sue the activist.

Jussie Smollett, Kerry Washington, Meek Mill, and many more share their outrage.

The Black Lives Matter activist came in 6th, while State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh came in first with 37 percent of the city's support.

Activists from the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter will discuss criminal justice reform and Obama's priorities during his final year in office.

#BlackLivesMatter leader, DeRay Mckesson is running for Mayor of his native city of Baltimore.

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The two talked about everything from Beyoncé to the counter-movement, All Lives Matter.

King was on Twitter airing out his thoughts on the importance of making #BlackLivesMatter death videos go viral to bring justice after he was accused of being shady and unethical by Elzie and Mckesson.

"It's not just a fight about race," Mckesson said. "It's also a fight about systemic and structural issues that affect so many of us around LGBTQ issues as well—people like me."