Keri Hilson opens up about about her leading role in Demetria Lucas' "Don't Waste Your Pretty" on TV One and when she feels the most beautiful.

However, the former Essence editor and Black Carrie Bradshaw wants everyone to know that her ex did not beat her.

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Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford get into a major brawl, and Demetria becomes a Mrs.

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Mica visits family after losing her grandmother, Arzo and Melyssa stir up potential trouble for Demetria and Geneva's friendship.

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Chantelle and Demetria have a war of words during dinner in the Hamptons, over Geneva being potentially dis-invited from the wedding.

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The last time we left New York’s well-heeled hustlers, there was tension brewing between Chantelle and Demetria. That turmoil stemmed from Chantelle’s raucous behavior at Demetria’s book launch party. This week, we continued where that left off as the episode opened with Melyssa visiting Greg and Demetria’s place to present the idea of a girls’ […]


Sunday’s episode of Blood Sweat and Heels found the ladies juggling life and business as usual, but it ended on a sour note, with Greg attempting to oust Chantelle from Demetria’s book release event. Let’s start from the beginning… Daisy’s Big News Daisy gets her final CAT scan, and the suspense is killing us because […]

Your favorite working women are back for another round of shade throwing in their stilettos. Demetria Lucas, Melyssa Ford, Geneva Thomas, Mica Hughes, Daisy Llewellyn and newcomers Chantelle Fraser and Arzo Anwar have returned for season 2 of the hit Bravo series “Blood, Sweat & Heels” and this time around, there’s tons of drama that […]

Who doesn’t love Black love!? We do and we celebrate it with our “Put A Ring On It” series. Each week, we’ll feature YOUR engagement and wedding stories, romantic photos and even tips that’ll help other Beauties out on their big day.  Check back each week for a new installment! This week, we want to highlight the […]

Bravo’s latest reality TV show “Blood, Sweat & Heels” was an instant hit because it’s based on “real” women–Demetria Lucas, Geneva Thomas, Brie Bythewood, Daisy Lewellyn, Mica Hughes and Melyssa Ford— who had the perfect chemistry and combination of drama, attitude and career woes that made them easy to relate to and equally as entertaining. […]