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Group trips and gatherings where all the Blood Sweat and Heels ladies get together just shouldn’t be in the cards moving forward. Then again, if they actually did stop having girls’ trips we wouldn’t have the entertainment that is Blood Sweat and Heels!

Last night’s episode picked up where the ladies left off in the Hamptons — on the brink of more impending drama.

Demetria and Melyssa split from the group for the former’s cover shoot for Munaluchi Bride, and it was obvious that Geneva wasn’t invited. Demetria’s logic was that she didn’t invite Geneva because Greg would be there, and she’d rather not have the tension. That was definitely the right idea. However, it was also something she was going to have to deal with once getting back with the group, more on that later.

Demetria’s shoot went well. Mama Belle came to support, and Melyssa even helped Demetria take her posing from struggle city to chic bride-to-be.

Meanwhile, back at the house…

Daisy expressed annoyance with Demetria and Melyssa for snickering as she told Geneva about her cancer, and Arzo and Chantelle squashed their beef just in time for the group’s apple picking outing, which was set up by Melyssa. You already know the ladies were not happy about Melyssa not being with them. So much for Melyssa’s neutrality plan!

The main event took place when Melyssa and Demetria joined the rest of the group for dinner. Chantelle immediately tried it, and told Demetria that Greg owed her an apology for threatening to kick her out of Demetria’s book signing. Yes, you read that correctly.

Demetria wasn’t here for the habitual line stepping (word to Charlie Murphy), so you know this didn’t go well. Chantelle continued saying that Demetria was a high and mighty narcissist who just wanted people to bow down to her. Chanty also claimed that Demetria was wrong for allowing Greg to dis-invite Geneva from the wedding. So, the root of this was basically that Chantelle felt the need to cape for Geneva, who was mortified, by the way.

Demetria basically told Chantelle that she gave 0 effs about her, and the verbal spat escalated to insults. Chantelle eventually made a jab at Demetria’s weight. Demetria then made a jab about Chantelle having an Adam’s Apple, and yeah…the room was completely dark with all the shade being thrown.

These women might be  smart and driven, but they’re also quite petty. Sometimes, it’s just best to disengage, but I must say, the verbal sparring between both parties was impressive. So, I guess I’m petty for enjoying the pettiness (shrug), but I digress.

Melyssa jumped in, in defense of Demetria, claiming that Chantelle’s insults were unfounded since she didn’t really know Demetria (truuuuuuue). Geneva eventually pulled Chantelle aside and asked her to cool it with the protective friend schtick, explaining that the issues with Demetria will be handled away from the group.

Back at the house, Geneva pulled Demetria aside to tell her that she didn’t want Chantelle in the middle of their drama and to express to her that she was perturbed by the entire situation. Demetria seemed cool about it, and didn’t hold Chantelle’s behavior at dinner against Geneva.

Geneva then told Demetria about Daisy’s hard feelings, so Demetria called Daisy to come talk about it like grownups, because you know, talking behind someone’s back about the issues you have with them solves nothing. Daisy got melodramatic about how Demetria was wrong for not paying attention and laughing when she was talking to Geneva about her cancer. It was all a bit much, tears and everything. Like, we know you have cancer, girl, but it just wasn’t that serious.

You wonder why Daisy seemed so emotionally invested in Demetria’s behavior when they’re not really friends like that anyway. But according to Demetria, Daisy’s behavior was all for TV. Peep Demetria’s response to a fan who asked if Daisy was always so emotional:

Oop. Swigs tea laced with vodka. Anyway…

Demetria tried to make peace with Daisy, claiming that Daisy was taking her behavior the wrong way and that she wasn’t trying to be offensive, and explained where she was coming from, but Daisy kept harping on it, so Demetria got flustered and cut the conversation short. She removed herself from the equation by leaving the girl’s weekend and went back to BK to be with her fiancé. That was probably the smartest move we’ve seen this season where conflict was concerned. Hopefully Demetria got some peen after the night she had.

The next day, Daisy told Melyssa that she hadn’t been very supportive since learning about the big c, and Melyssa resolved to be there from now on. Next week’s episode looks like the tension in the group will only get worse. Let the Messy Boots Olympics continue!

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