"She's gonna get involved, even if she's a little irritated," Erika Alexander said about her character.


An HB exclusive with 'Sisters of Comedy' creator Agunda Okeyo.

Activists Agunda Okeyo and Michaela Angela Davis are joining forces for the upcoming "Sisters of Comedy" showcase in New York City.

This hilarious hashtag may be more informative and helpful than any textbook or old professor.

As audience members and invited guests milled about enjoying cocktails before the premiere performance of Von Decarlo’s one-woman show Lasagna, the lady herself breezed past me and disappeared behind a dressing room door. I had not met her before that night, although I was familiar with her as a performer and I recognized her from […]

Black women make up the funniest demographic in comedy, but why do they have to fight so hard for their space?

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Are you Black? Check. Do you live in America? Check. Do you fear getting shot and killed just because you’re Black? Check. Are you sick…


Dave Chappelle’s comeback tour isn’t exactly going as planned and it’s mostly because he got crazy drunk and left his fans demanding their money back, according to reports. The comedian performed in back-to-back shows last Thursday in Detroit as part of his standup tour. And while the first performance seemingly went well, apparently show number […]

“The Talk” on CBS has a segment called “Talk Secrets” and this week one of the hosts, Sheryl Underwood told her secret of turning down “The Queens Of Comedy,” a movie showcases the hottest in female comedy on a major stage. The producers had chosen Underwood along with comediennes Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes. […]

Jerry Seinfeld recently made some pretty bold and unpolitically correct statements surrounding race and gender in comedy and one Black comedienne, Nicole Byer is not having it! During an interview for the BuzzFeed Brews series, BuzzFeed‘s Peter Lauria nervously told Seinfeld “I have noticed that most of the guests are mostly White males.” Then Lauria […]