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Black women and women of color in tech are an inspiration to me, an admitted tech-world newbie who still marvels at the latest app or my own smartphone’s fancy font.

Remember when Netflix added “A Different World” to its streaming catalog? I know I personally rejoiced at having this iconic Black series available to watch at any time with only a few taps on my touchscreen, it was all the buzz on Black Twitter, and the fantastic Black Girl Nerds even organized group live-tweet viewings. Of […]

With rates for sexual and violent assaults against women staggering, one company is looking to arm women with convenient ways to protect themselves.

It’s funny how life works. Getting my ill na na waxed didn’t have to turn into such a revelatory experience, but in my experience as a Black woman in America, just existing can feel like a political act. But let me rewind: I needed to find a new place to go for the Brazilian waxes […]

What does freedom look like to you? What does it feel like? Are you fighting to achieve it in your home, career, or sense of self? Have you already claimed it as yours, walking in light and inviting others to join in your liberty? Wherever you are on that spectrum, you are not alone, and […]

I first became aware of Tinsel via social media a few months ago when a preview image of the brand-new wearable tech company’s first product crossed my social media path. What I saw looked like a superfly necklace, but the description said I was looking at headphones, and I was intrigued. The Dipper audio necklace […]

Much of Black Twitter was rocked recently when a random man, who I do not care to identify here by name or image, posted a picture of his adorable toddler and complained about the state of her hair. On my timeline, I saw much discussion of the picture and his original tweet before laying eyes […]

As audience members and invited guests milled about enjoying cocktails before the premiere performance of Von Decarlo’s one-woman show Lasagna, the lady herself breezed past me and disappeared behind a dressing room door. I had not met her before that night, although I was familiar with her as a performer and I recognized her from […]

  *not all Black men …but enough Black men come at us sideways and get things twisted like a Slinky to make me want to presently clear my throat, crack my knuckles, and get a few things off my ample chest. Today’s address is prompted by the inane ramblings of one Mr. Cory Haywood, in […]

“I wish I had her legs.” Whenever I see or hear a woman making a statement like this in envy of another woman’s body, I cringe. When the “her” in question is a celebrity, I double-cringe. Ladies, we’ve got to stop comparing ourselves unfavorably to each other, and this is an especially fruitless endeavor with […]