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It may seem hard to believe in 2017, but yes, you can still be discriminated against even when you have a disability. That was the hard lesson that a legally blind Georgia woman learned when she was asked to sit in the back of a local church because of her service dog. Cynthia Coleman of […]

Sure Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all of your life’s blessings and being grateful—however, a large part of the holiday revolves around the delicious feast prepared by loving hands for family and friends to enjoy until they’re too stuffed to move. Many local churches across the country regularly participate in serving a Thanksgiving meal […]

No matter how many times you hear about churches defrauding members of their congregation out of money, it never fails to cause an element of disbelief. The latest case involving church fraud isn’t just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, this Virginia-based incident involves over a million dollars that were schemed from congregation […]