Sure Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all of your life’s blessings and being grateful—however, a large part of the holiday revolves around the delicious feast prepared by loving hands for family and friends to enjoy until they’re too stuffed to move. Many local churches across the country regularly participate in serving a Thanksgiving meal to members of the congregation or families in need of a hot meal. The last thing you would expect is that the church meal would literally kill you from eating it, but that is just what happened in Antioch, California.

At press time, three people are dead and an additional five are hospitalized with severe food poisoning after eating a Thanksgiving meal prepared by a local church in Contra Costa county in Antioch. What was supposed to be a memorable Thanksgiving dinner has turned into a tragedy. The Grio has all the details surrounding this sad, bizarre case, including the response of local health officials.

Via The Grio:

Health officials in California are working to determine if a Thanksgiving meal served by a church has caused three deaths and sickened five other people. The American Legion Hall in Antioch served the meal, which was hosted by Golden Hills Community Church and was meant to give a Thanksgiving meal to seniors and homeless people and others who would be alone during the holidays, according to Contra Costa Public Health officials.

“We recently were informed that several people from the same care facility in Antioch, who were at our Antioch Thanksgiving Dinner, became sick,” the church said in a statement. “We are fully cooperating with health officials and are praying fervently for the families who lost loved ones and for others who are sick.”

Of the 835 people who attended the event, three have died, while five were hospitalized. Four of those hospitalized were released, while one remains. Health officials say that there is no risk to the general public; however, it is not clear whether it was the meal itself that caused the sickness, because all of those who fell ill live in the same facility. Officials are currently investigating to find out what caused the illnesses.

At press time, there was no suggestion of foul play, meaning this incident can be chalked up to an unfortunate accident.

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