Kandi Burruss says her 2.5 month commitment to negating these key foods led to her 20 lb weight loss.

The mother of three achieved this svelte body with HITT workouts, floor work and watching her diet.


During a recent Instagram post, the Black Panther star's surprisingly gaunt look had fans hella concerned.


If you’ve been paying attention to Gucci Mane lately, you know that his body is looking extra banging! Apparently, the “Tone Down” rapper has done toned up and lost a whopping 100 pounds: 50 when he was in prison and another 50 over the two years since he’s been released. According to the Atlanta Black […]

The former co-host of "The View" swears she's losing all the weight thanks to the Keto diet and axing sugar from her diet.

The "Need U Bad" singer has definitely been putting in real time at the gym...and she looks amazing.

The Oscar winner says she hasn't been this small since she was 17-years-old.


Celebrities are victims of body-shaming and harsh critiques just like the normal, average citizen, which can bring out insecurities and self-consciousness in even the strongest individuals. Allegedly Mariah Carey was so upset regarding the criticism about her weight, that she recently underwent weight-loss surgery. It’s being reported by Page Six that superstar Mariah Carey had […]

The "Control" singer's "State of the World" tour kicks off in Louisiana next month.


Throughout her legendary and remarkable career, Oprah Winfrey has been vocal about her struggle with her weight. Fans have watched her size fluctuate from svelte and fit to a curvier, plus size figure and back again. She’s never shied away from her struggles, opting to take fans on her journey with her, but in a […]


Weight loss is a very personal and inspiring thing, but it’s the way that people react to seeing the new you that can truly send you into a tailspin. That’s exactly what happened to Shonda Rhimes after she shed 150 pounds a few years ago when she recognized how differently she was treated by her […]


This photo motivated us right into the gym.