This season is all about bold statements and colors, and Savage X Fenty definitely got the memo.

You can count on seeing some of the most beautiful, extravagant, creative beauty looks during Carnival season. From bright colors to feathers and jewels, there is no beat that is too over the top. In honor of the festivities, UOMA Beauty teamed up with makeup gurus Jackie Aina and Patrick Starr to bring us a […]

If you are new to Carnival, St. Thomas may be a great way to get acclimated.

Nayara Justino story has exposed the problems with racial roles in modern Brazil.

Haiti recently celebrated Carnival in Port au Prince and tragedy struck the celebration when a man on top of a float was electrocuted. He was apparently trying to move a wire so the float could pass underneath it. It’s being reported that many victims were instantly electrocuted through many sparks. Other people on the float […]

Beyonce was spotted dancing up a storm in Trinidad and Tobago during their carnival. The singer e joined the crowd and partied to what seems to be her favorite local song ‘Palance’ by Bionic Blaze and JW, which she also remixed during a tour performance of ‘Check On It’. The song recently won Trinidad and […]